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Please consider VHM Enterprises, Inc. as your one-stop service provider staffed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. These professionals are guided by a management team second to none with experience and education in engineering, management, finance, and building restoration/remediation.

Janitorial Services

Anything having to do with cleaning and janitorial services ranging from the simplest tasks to the most comprehensive duties.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services from traditional steam treatment to extraction with chemical application. We provide mobile services and 24 hour dispatch.

Power Washing

Power washing walls, ceilings, floors and concrete. Preserving the integrity of the surface being cleaned.

Surface Restoration

Applying finishes to preserve VCT Tile, concrete floors and special coatings.

Window Washing

Washing of windows in commerical and industrial office environments.

Recycling Services

Specializing in recycling of material providing zero tolerance to the landfills.

Grout Cleaning

Specializing in cleaning of grout.

Portering Service

VHM can provide day portering services to address any and all constant needs.

Facility Maintenance

Any and all requirements such as plumbing, electrical and landscaping.



Service Location Types

VHM Enterprises, Inc. provides unique building services to the major arenas of........

Industrial Buildings

VHM provides services to industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Office Buildings

VHM provides complete building maintenance for commerical buildings including porter service, janitorial service and light maintenance.

Retail Buildings

VHM has successfully provided service on the atypical time schedules required by the retail industry; this includes late nights and early mornings.

Medical Centers

VHM provides service to the Medical Center Community: specially trained staff, knowledge of industry safety procedures and HIPAA privacy requirements.

Educational Buildings

VHM Enterprises serves 800,000 square feet of nightly cleaning and day porter services in cooperation with a partner organization that handles 5 million square feet of educational cleaning. In addition, VHM services all landscaping, HVAC and snow removal needs.




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